The brand building continues and for the first time Sorgenia comes out not only as a power and gas provider but also as a company that offers different green energies, photovoltaic and optical fibre.

This new chapter touches upon environmental sustainability involving the Italian territory, its natural landscapes and most renowned places that unfortunately are in danger nowadays.

Once again Bebe Vio leads us, however this time together with the new generations, a bunch of young people from 6 to 20 years old. Each of them, climbing up on something as to confer solemn importance to what they’re about to say, names a place in Italy they have never seen and that they are willing to one day.

Bebe will bring the film to an end saying to us “Don’t spoil the show, choose green energies”.


Director: Stuart Douglas
Production: Peperoncino Film
Music: Have you ever seen the rain, Creedence Clearwater Revival –  Cover realizzata da Peperoncino Studio